19th Japanese Medaka and Zebrafish Meeting

Thank you all for your presence and active participation to the meeting.  We enjoyed the meeting sharing good time with you.  We hope you enjoyed the meeting too.
The meeting had more than 180 participants, supported by 15 companies and two foundations.  28 Orals and 59 Posters were presented.
Keynote lecturer Prof John Postlethwait acknowledged that he was very impressed with the quality of the science presented and also the quality of English spoken in the presentation.
Next year, it will be the 20th anniversary meeting in Tokyo (Sept 20-21, 2014).  See you all there!

Oral Presentation Award
Saori Yokoi, University of Tokyo (Oral-5)
Takafumi Katsumura, Kitasato University (Oral-22)

Poster Presentation Award
Satoshi Ansai, Kyoto University (Poster-2)
Shoko Kubota, University of Tokyo (Poster-27)
Tohru Yano, Tohoku University (Poster-57)